Our Wrap Story

מנשא בד מגיל לידה

In my first pregnancy, my bigest fantasy about what kind of a mother I would be, or how would I look like - was this:

I imagined myself walking the streets of the city with my dog, wearing sunglasses, my baby in a carrier, I would be dripping with style and coolnes, and everyone who would pass me by would say: "Wow, who is that cool mom?!"

In reaIity I was walking the streets with a sweatpants, a maid's ponytail, I didn't shower for days and my carrier was in unrelated colors and so hot ...

I realized that I want a stunning carrier!

A carrier that will be an accessory, that will be high-quality, cozy, fun, user-friendly and that I will feel the best in the world to walk around with it every day.


Urban Baby Wrap has grown out of this fantasy. From a desire to allow the urban woman, which is self-aware, alive and fashionable to feel comfortable with the incredible and amazing change of becoming a mother.

We designe beautiful wrap carriers that will make our moms to wolk proudly the streets of the city and feel good. 

We are committed to produce quality, fashionable products for the mother, the dad and their baby.


Our Wrap 

  • Lightweight & soft - made of 100% modal fabric 

  • From birth to 11 kg - perfect for the first months

  • 10 Beautiful & unique colors & patterns

  • Compact and easy to store in a diaper bag

  • One size fits all

  • Designed for the first year 

  • Safe for babys - OEKO-TEX 100 standard


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