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Wrap carrier

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What is different about your wraps?

Excellent question. Beyond the fact that our baby wraps are beautiful and stylish, the main difference between them and other wrap carriers that exist in the Israeli market is the fabulous fabric.

While most of the baby wrap carriers are made of thick and warm cotton - ours is made of a thin, airy and breathable 100% Model fabric.

What is Modal and why it is perfect for babywearing?

Modal fabric is a bio-based fabric that is made from beech trees. It is incredibly soft and feels like silk, it is breathable and it is up to 50 percent more absorbent than cotton, so you will never feel sweaty and sticky with it.

That's what makes it perfect for babywearing in summer.

What is a wrap carrier?

A wrap carrier is a one-size 5 meters long fabric that you need to wrap over your body that fits both parents. It is ergonomic and suitable from birth.

How do I tie it?

You can watch all our tutorial videos at the following link

Can I nurse in my wrap?


What if I dont manage with the wrap?

Exactly for that we are here for you. We give you a Zoom instruction meeting on every purchase and Whatsapp support so you won't feel alone.

And if it is still not working out for you, you can return the wrap within 14 days in good as new condition.

Is the wrap suitable for women with large breasts?

Yes. It comes in one size and fits everyone.

We recommend that women with large breasts begin tying the wrap with the strap placed on their breasts and not below it.

Do you have SII approvment?

The wrap carrier has been tested and approved by the Israeli Standards Institute in accordance with European Standard 13209 part 3 for baby wrap carriers.

Soft structured carrier

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What is different about your SSC ?

What is different and special about our SSC baby carrier compared to other baby carriers that exist today - is that our baby carrier puts an emphasis on elegant and clean look, it is simple to operate with minimal buckles and straps so it would be easy to use, intuitive and simple as possible.

Can I use the carrier from birth?

Yes. You can use it from 4 Kg.

Up to what age can I use the SSC?

Up to a weight of 15 KG (the baby would be around 2 years of age).

Can I nurse in my carrier?


Shipping & returns

How do I return my product?

Contact us at 050-8881017 and we will help you.

I ordered today, when can I expecte to receive it?

Tel-Aviv, Hertzelia, Raanana, Ramat Hasharon: 1-2 business days.

Rest of Israel: 2-7 business days.

USA: 8-10 days.

Rest of the world: 7-14 days.

Do you send to the US or Europe?