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Super Soft Baby Carriers

We design beautiful baby carriers so you could feel good and look good when you would walk the streets of the city with your baby.

They are safe and beautiful so you wouldn't have to choose between safety or looks.

Approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)

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What do our customers say about us?

מנשא בד, מנשא ב דלתינוק, מנשא מנומר, מנשא מומלץ לניו בורן, אורבן בייבי, urban baby wrap' המלצה על מנשא
Cheetah style

Denis, Tel-Aviv

Listen I must say that the wrap is just perfect !!!!!! This is my second baby so I got to try different carriers and the fabric is just perfect !!! Not to mention your service with the content availability. Definitely the best purchase I had

מנשא מנומר, מנשא בד מנומר, מנשא בד לתינוק, מנשא ניו בורן
Leopard wrap

Smadar, Rehovot

Sarit, I am really satisfied !!! The wrap is comfortable and the fabric is perfect and breathable! It is also hysterical and beautiful, my baby surrendered to the carrier in a second. One of my best purchases

Leopard wrap

Noam, Mahas

The fabric is perfect on an extreme level, I'm really excited !!! It is so soft that I'm sure that the wrap will turn into a scarf after the baby will be done with it