Best baby carriers for summer

Best baby carriers for summer

Sarit Alter

Israel is a hot country.

This does not mean that if you give birth in the summer you have to give up on babywearing. You may have heard that a wrap carrier is not suitable for summer. This is not true.

You just have to choose the right wrap carrier that will be best suited for the Israeli weather.

Why did some people say that wrap carriers are not suitable for summer?

Most of the wrap carriers that exist in the market in Israel today are carriers that are made of thick, non-breathable cotton fabric, and if that is not enough, it also have lycra in it that seals the fabric even more.

If you're looking for a good baby carrier for summer, the best fabric is linen, bamboo, cotton without spandex, or modal.

All of those fabrics are thin, lightweight, and breathable and it allow the air to circulate through and ensure that your skin can breathe.

If you like the idea of using a baby wrap, but you’re worried that wrapping your body in a few layers of fabric will make you hot and sweaty, the best baby wrap for summer is modal wrap thanks to its lightweight, slim, airy fabric.

 יתרונות מנשא בד לקיץ

why modal wrap for summer?

- It is ultra-breathable and lightweight

- It allows the air to circulate through, so your skin stays dry

- It wicks away moisture

- It prevents the baby from overheating

- It is much thinner and lighter than cotton

- It is an ergonomic carrier, that allows M position and C spine shape provides support for the baby's head and neck.

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